At the end of May, the GMT team installed a modular containment bund (BAFX2) with 2 modules, a fire extinguisher and a  filter system. The installation was performed at the site of a renowned French car manufacturer. This work was performed following an incident at the rear of the electrical substation that was damaged by fire. The installation was completed in only half a day: well done!


The GMT team installed a containment bund (BAFX3) fitted with a filter system and level sensor at a large French nuclear facility. In order to fit the transformer with an active fire extinguishing system, GMT manufactured some resin beams containing FLAMAUTO, which were fitted on to the transformer.


The GMT team installed a fire-protection decking (MX) covering 140 square metres at a research centre in Switzerland in only 10 days! The installation of the structure, grounding, fire suppression installation and grates were adapted to the existing situation. This was the largest installation ever completed! Congratulations to the whole team for successfully completing the project!

Pamplona, Navarre (Spain)

In April 2019, the AKHELEC team went to Pamplona in Navarre, Spain, to oversee the installation of 2 modular containment bunds – BAFX3 product range – fitted with our Filtrelec dielectric oil filter system on two 20 and 40 MVA power transformers. Our customer also installed a pair of  BAF1 bunds.

FILTRELEC® F5 - Oil/water filter

Dear network, AKHELEC is proud to present the future of hydrocarbon filtering. F5 FILTRELEC® is the first rechargeable filter system for retention pits or bunds for electrical transformers

Solar and wind energy projects

AKHELEC supports various renewable energy projects across the world. We are proud to have contributed to major solar and wind power projects in Europe, Australasia, Eurasia, the Middle East and Latin America!

Andalusia (Spain)

In February, the AKHELEC team went to Andalusia in Southern Spain to inspect the installation of the modular retention system – BAFX product range – fitted with our  Filtrelec dielectric oil filter system on a 30 MVA power transformer. Our customer also installed a standard containment bund on the ballast transformer.

Turin (Italy)

In February, the AKHELEC team went to Turin to inspect the installation of 5 fire-fire extinguishing systems for electrical transformers –  MX product range – on 5 concrete pits at a new underground substation. At this site, a metal containment bund was also installed on a neutral grounding transformer.

Poissy (France)

At the end of November, our team of installers went to Poissy (France) to install an industrial substation for a long-standing customer. Our mission was to:

  • Customise our MX system to the concrete pit.
  • Secure the substation pit and install a fire suppression system.
  • Facilitate future maintenance activities. These operations were successfully completed in less than 3 days!