• Filtration of oil polluted drainage water in retention bunds under electrical transformers


    Rechargeable filter for oil polluted water

    50% less waste compared to a conventional filter

  • an

    Fire extinguishing system for transformer pits MX®

    For pits located underneath high voltage transformers
    Approved by CNPP and TÜV Rheinland

  • an

    Heavy duty temporary storage bunds

    Highly resistant to tearing, puncture and abrasion

  • an


    filtration system

    Flowrates 3-1500 L/min and more

    Approved by Bureau Veritas, SGS and TÜV Rheinland

  • an

    Modular containment bunds with
    fire extinguishing system

    Approved by CNPP and TÜV Rheinland

  • an

    Flexible containment bunds for wheeled vehicles

    Truck, forklift, tractor unit, mobile electrical transformer etc.

  • Water oil filter with replaceable cartridge for steel containment bunds under electrical transformers. Flowrate: 5 liters/min 50% less waste compared to a conventional filter. Made in France. Extended service life, reduced maintenance.

  • Modular bunds with fire extinguishing system for electrical transformers Provides an alternative to concrete pits when the ground is unsuitable or when operational deadlines are tight. Indoor and outdoor compliance ensured by adding a safety siphon and a FILTRELEC ECODESIGN® filtration system.

  • Hydrocarbon filtration from contaminated rainwater up to 1500 L / mn and more. Environment protection for your electrical transformers. 100% French quality The cheapest and most efficient filters on the market Filters which guarantee an output rainwater contamination <1 mg or 5 mg per litre depending on model

  • For medium or large oil filled transformers High resistance membrane. Easy to install. Retention capacity up to 100m3. For indoor and outdoor use. Low maintenance.

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