New FILTRELEC® F15: filtration solution for oily rainwater

GMT group reinvents the F15 filter from the FILTRELEC range: cheaper, more robust and resistant to UVs, more environment friendly. Moreover, the new generation F15 maintains its performances in terms of flow rate performance and filtration quality as the previous F15M2.


The New F15 in pictures

FILTRELEC®, a filtration solution for oily rainwaters

This range of filters was developped to capture hydrocarbons contained in the runoff water from the retention bunds under the electrical transformers whilst ensuring the continuous evacuation of the filtered water.

FILTRELEC® is a technical and economical alternative to traditional decanters and separators. The functional characteristics of the new F15 are identical to the previous model:

  • Compliance with the Clean Water Act: Hydrocarbon content at filter outlet < 5 mg
  • Flow rate: 15L/minute
  • Instantaneous shut-off in the event of a massive hydrocarbon leak.

New FILTRELEC® F15 filter: more economical, more robust and environmental friendly !

Especially designed to be more environmental friendly, the new F15 weighs 2kg less than the previous one (1,5 kg versus 3,5 kg). This cutdown of over 50% of its weight has, not only an ecological impact but also economical. In fact, the filter needs half of the natural resources for its production, and consequently, to recycle when saturated with dielectric oil. Lastly, reduction of the volume and mass of the product enables to reduce significantly production and transport costs. The price of the new F15 benefits from a 10% reduction compared to the previous version.

More robust and highly resistant to UVs

The FIL15M2, previously developed by GMT International in partnership with TOTAL and French Petroleum Institute, was already offering a wide operating temperature range without any alteration of the absorbant media (-40°C – +60°C). For the product housing, Polyoxymethylen and ABS terpolymer injection moulded parts replace traditional PVC. More environment friendly, those materials offer increased mechanical robustness and high UV resistance.

Perfect for solar power pIants, the product has been subject to numerous torture tests:

  • Temperature combined with UV cycles DIN 75220
  • Temperature cycles with thermal shocks
  • Extreme temperature tests (hot & cold)
  • Mechanical resistance

GMT group can therefore attest a higher level of quality and reliability while maintaining flow rate performance and filtration quality identical to the previous model.

Production process optimisation

Serial production of the moulded components strongly minimise reject parts. Consequently it guarantees a better quality as well as a reduced price. On top of that, the production tool has also been optimised in terms of HSE and integrated into the ISO9001 scope of GMT international:

  • Full traceability
  • 100% of filters sealing tested
  • Sampling for water flow rate testing and filtration quality testing
  • Huge reduction of solvent and glues
  • Backsplash downdraft installation
filtrelec F15

To sum up, the FILTRELEC® F15 is part of a process of sustainable development and optimization of operating costs. By reducing its mass by more than 55%, the new FILTRELEC® F15 enables to save natural resources and to limit the amount of waste to be treated when saturated with oil. The choice of more environment friendly materials reduce as well the impact on the environment. Last, but not least, the new filter offers an economical benefit since it is 10% more economical than the previous model.