The rainwater hydrocarbon filter, an essential tool for the preservation of our ecosystems

rainwater hydrocarbon filter

To preserve the ecosystem and the environment, effective solutions must be used to filter rainwater. It is indeed essential to filter the rainwater to block the hydrocarbons before the water reaches the ground. Here is what you need to know on the subject to properly filter polluted water and protect the phreatic water.    

The rainwater filter, how does it work ?

The rainwater is filtered using hydrocarbon retention bunds and special filters, which allow rainwater to pass while retaining the oil from runoff on the electrical transformers.

Why is it important to treat rainwater ?

The hydrocarbons that could be released into the environment are blocked by the rainwater filter. AKHELEC International, specialist in the preservation of the environment for many years, manufactures high-performance and 100% efficient rainwater filters, so that you can provide yourself with equipment that allows you to protect the ecosystem within your industrial site.

What is a rainwater filter ? How to use it ?

The rainwater filter has the same shape as a cartridge containing a filtration media in which the water polluted with dielectric oil will circulate.
The rainwater is thus evacuated continuously, while the filter serves as a barrier for the hydrocarbons. As a result, approximately 1 mg  of residual traces of pollutants can be found at the outlet of the filter, for one litre of filtered water.  

The filtering of rainwater flowing on the electrical transformers

Electrical transformers need dielectric oil to prevent overheating (if there is a large leak, they can catch fire), and to insulate them.
When it rains, water runs on the transformers. It charges on its way down with the hydrocarbons coming from these transformers.
The polluted water collected in the retention bund, installed under the transformer, will be purified of pollutants by passing through the filter, as seen above.

The FILTRELEC product range and its advantages

AKHELEC manufactures and markets the following FILTRELEC products, to be chosen according to your needs. 

Hydrocarbon capture systems

In this section you can find:

  • water filters that capture hydrocarbons;
  • specific anti-hydrocarbon water filters;
  • a rainwater filtration system;
  • rechargeable filters for polluted water;
  • a high-flow filter for water polluted with hydrocarbons;
  • a portable anti-pollution system, for identified oil leaks;
  • and mobile filters, for water polluted with hydrocarbons.
filtrelec filtration system for polluted water

A filtration system for other products

This category includes filters blocking other substances: vegetable based oils, synthetic oil or silicone oil.

The advantages of the FILTRELEC range

Listed here the advantages of choosing FILTRELEC instead of choosing competing products:

  • the filter benefits from numerous certifications guaranteeing its quality;
  • access to the largest range of products on the market (5 – 1500 L / min flow rate);
  • you can use the F5 filter. The storage capacity is important. At saturation, only the cartridge needs to be changed and not the over whole system. There is therefore a important reduction in costs and waste;
  • maintenance is reduced , because the absorbent media does not react at ambient temperature (-40 ° C to + 50 ° C);
  • the filters housings are anti-UV treated and are very robust and take up little space;
  • the production is French and the production is ISO 9001 certified; the filters are subjected to a strict quality control during production;
  • REACH, Rohs compliant and Clean Water Act compliant;
  • the absorption of hydrocarbons is permanent ;
  • you can put several filters in parallel if the hydrocarbon flows are important;
  • in the event of an abundant leak, the filter clogs instantly to prevent any risk to the environment;
  • Finally, the product was co-developed with the companies TOTAL & IFPEN (French Petroleum Institute).

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