Electrical transformer and environmental protection

Electrical transformers installations are essential to supply electric current. But transformers are also polluting infrastructures. As a professional, this is naturally a subject that interests you, because you want to pollute as little as possible. Here is how to better manage the pollution of these installations, thanks to adapted solutions.

Management of pollution from electrical transformers

An electrical transformer is a polluting infrastructure on several levels.

But, since it is a master equipment of the electricity network, AKHELEC markets hydrocarbon retention bunds to fight against one of these pollutions, the most important: the soil and groundwater pollution.

Solutions are also available to fight against other pollution, such as visual or sound.

Electrical transformer and environmental protection

Combating visual pollution from an electrical transformer

Without transformer, no current! Although electrical transformers are essential for electricity, these infrastructures are often very ugly and literally disfigure the landscapes. This constitutes visual pollution. But, since we absolutely need these transformers, it is important to highlight the implementation of smart initiatives helping to better integrate these infrastructures.

What does an electrical transformer relooked look like ?

For landscape conservation, interesting initiatives tend to develop little by little, as in Denmark or France.

Integration of infrastructure in Denmark

electrical transformer relooked

For electrical transformers no longer look like eyesores disfiguring beautiful landscapes, Lillebaelt , region of Denmark, made sure to make them less visible, but also to better protect these infrastructures.

For this, anodized aluminium sheets were used to build cubes surrounding the transformers.

These sheets being pierced with holes, the daylight passes through and this offers a more discreet visual, integrating better into the landscape.

In addition, the cube formed helps the infrastructure to resist pollution from road traffic, and protects the transformer against climatic conditions.

French electrical transformers that take on colour

In France, and more particularly in the South-West, initiatives are also taken to make the substations of electrical transformers more pleasant to look at.

For this, the various degradations were first cleaned carefully in order to make the stations very clean.

Graffiti were then made to create frescoes more pleasant to see visually than a basic or tagged electrical post.

Here you can see an example of a transformer relooked by a street-art artist in France

electrical transformer painted street art

Combating noise pollution from an electrical transformer

Acoustic louvers for transformer noise reduction

The decree of January 26, 2007 specifies that transformer substation equipment and power lines must be designed and operated in such a way that the noise they generate* complies with one of the two following conditions:

  • either the measured ambient noise, including noise from electrical installations, is less than 30 dB (A),
  • either the overall noise emergence from electrical installations, measured continuously, is less than 5 dB (A) during the daytime period (from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.) and less than 3 dB (A) during the night period (from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m.).

*Measured inside residential premises, in accordance with the NFS standard 31 010 relating to the characterization and measurement of environmental noise.

To ensure compliance with maximum sound levels from the design stage. Mitigation measures must be put in place. The main measures are as follows: 

  • Reduction at the source : By selecting the electrical transformer when possible.
  • Reduction by acoustic screens or housings.

Surrounding the transformer with an acoustic housing allows very significant attenuation of sound emissions. Although these enclosures are very efficient, they generate other constraints, in particular for the maintenance of the equipment as well as the need to ensure adequate ventilation to avoid overheating of the equipment and condensation.

  • Reduction by the use of anti-vibration pads or silent blocs         

Transformers and other power devices can transmit through the retention bund or pits vibrations that spread in the environment. The use of anti-vibration pads adapted to the weight of the transformer and positioned between the transformer supports and the retention offers important noise attenuation. AKHELEC offers a complete range of anti-vibration plates and pads.

Combating against soil and water pollution from electrical transformers

Water pollution is the number one problem to be tackled. AKHELEC markets various solutions for the retention of hydrocarbons, fire protection systems, rainwater filters, and many other products suitable for electrical infrastructures, to make an optimal contribution to preserve ecosystems.

AKHELEC solutions for electrical transformer and environmental protection

AKHELEC can do nothing against the visual pollution of transformers, on the other hand our company has been specialized for many years in the protection of the environment around electrical transformers.

We manufacture and distribute the necessary equipment for these infrastructures: drainage water and rainwater retention bunds, rainwater filtration systems, devices to naturally extinguish flames during a fire, etc.

We thus provide you with the most adequate solutions to fight against the pollution of groundwater and soil at our level.

Transformer tanks

How does a transformer retention bund help to prevent soil pollution ?

As environmental protection is our hobbyhorse, we offer hydrocarbon retention bunds perfectly suited to your installations, which will protect the soil and the phreatic water.

Our bunds can therefore be used stationary (permanent bund) or mobile (flexible bund). They thus avoid the dielectric oil leaking from transformers or other contaminants from spreading into the waters and ground soil.

If you have a construction project where electrical transformers are present, do not hesitate to contact us!