Flexible retention bund to contain pollutants, when to use it ?

The flexible retention bund can be used on different occasions when it is necessary to quickly deploy a bund to contain pollutants. These can contaminate the soil and of course the water. However, this bund cannot be used as a normal bund, but only for storing de-energized material. 
Here’s what you need to know about the flexible retention bund and how to use it.

A flexible retention bund, what is it ?

A flexible retention bund is lightweight, collapsible and can be easily transported to where it is needed. The bund has a light metallic structure, which is easy to move. A coated PVC geo-membrane covers the metal structure to form the retention bund. AKHELEC offers you a complete range of flexible retention bund for your different needs, depending on the size and storage time you need: B STUB, BSTP.

The flexible retention bund helps retain hydrocarbons from electrical transformers. A flexible bund is easy to install and is less expensive equipment than a permanent metallic or concrete bund.

BSTUB - Tubular temporary storage bunds
filtrelec filtration system for polluted water

For outdoor installations, dielectric oil mixes with rainwater in the retention bund AKHELEC recommends the use of FILTRELEC® filters allowing traces of dielectric oil to be captured and the filtered water to be continuously drained from the flexible retention. The quality of the filtered water meets the requirements of the Clean Water Act (<5 mg / l of hydrocarbon).

Also being able to be chosen in several capacities, the flexible retention bund offers a good volume to retain oils and water polluted with hydrocarbons, preventing them from spilling into the earth.

The bund naturally complies with the regulations in force and effectively fights against soil pollution.

Main difference between a classic retention bund and a flexible bund

Unlike a conventional retention bund (metallic or build in concrete), which cannot be moved once installed under an electrical transformer, the flexible retention bund can be unfolded and quickly positioned where you need it. This is particularly the case in an emergency situation, because it is easily transportable. By having such a bund stored in your facilities, you always have an additional bund to collect pollutants, when all the other bunds are in use. 

What are the characteristics of a flexible retention bund ?

The geo-membrane of the bund is highly resistant to petroleum products, bases, acids, UV rays, tearing, but also abrasion due to displacement and puncturing. Moreover, protection will be provided by various equipment to be used underneath the transformer.

flexible containment bunds

How and when to use a flexible retention bund ?

A flexible retention bund can be installed in place of a permanent bund when none are available to be placed under the transformer (which will be de-energized and not used), or when there is a risk of pollutants spilling during a construction site, for example.

The quickly deployed bund and light enough to be transported is then a very useful equipment, which will help you to respond to all emergencies of this type.
It makes it possible to have retention material at a lower cost, resistant and usable where you cannot set up a conventional bund. Once the transformer (de-energized and not used) is lifted, the bund will then be installed under it.

What must be observed ?

You must be aware that the flexible retention bund can only be used for de-energized equipment. Indeed, safety standards require the use of non-flammable material to protect a transformer or other powered equipment. However, a flexible container is not non-flammable!

AKHELEC recommends that you place the bund on a flat surface, keep sharp objects away from the bund, but also keep away any risk of flames, since the container is not non-flammable. You can also use concrete beams to raise the electrical transformer, metallic load distribution plates and runways for heavy machinery (contact us for this), to increase the life of your flexible retention bund.

Whatever your business need, we have the flexible retention bund that’s right for you.

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