Collection, retention and treatment of polluted rainwater

The importance of rainwater management in the industrial sector

In the industrial environment, it is particularly important to manage rainwater properly, especially before it is discharged into the ground. Indeed, industries use hydrocarbons and other pollutants that can mix with rainwater, during runoff or other. Proper management of rainwater must allow:  

  • to avoid an aggravation during a flood or on-going soil erosion; 
  • to better participate in the best possible way to recharge the phreatic water;
  • not to degrade the ecosystem with hydrocarbons and other pollutants, drained by rainwater, such as water from runoff on an electrical transformer, which is charged with dielectric oil; 

• or to install retention bunds to collect polluted water, with the aim of efficiently managing rainwater. 

polluted rainwater filtration solution

Managing rainwater well thanks to rainwater filters

FILTRELEC F5 - Filter system for oil-polluted water with repleacable cartridge

AKHELEC has been specializing in environmental protection for a long time and contributes, thanks to the products it manufactures and markets, to help you to better manage rainwater, in order to avoid any pollution of groundwater. We thus offer you very efficient filters which block all the hydrocarbons mixed with rainwater.

The filter coupled to the oil retention bund thus makes it possible to stop, for example, the dielectric oil coming from the electrical transformers before it can penetrate into the ground. Any risk of oil pollution is thus eliminated.

Managing rainwater well thanks to rainwater filters

It is necessary to install a rainwater filter on each transformer retention installed outside to prevent hydrocarbon pollution, of varying importance, which may occur. Due to the rainwater flowing down the transformer, dielectric oil mixes and drains at the same time. The rainwater filter treat the water in order to remove all traces of oil that may pollute soils.

AKHELEC has all the equipment you need on its warehouse to properly filter your rainwater. By using our fully adapted and highly effective products, you will finally comply with the laws in force concerning the treatment of polluted water in the industrial environment.

The regulatory framework related to the retention and filtration of polluting products

Rainwater management must comply with the LEMA law of 2006 concerning the recovery, retention but also the filtering of rainwater that is polluted due to industrial activities. A company that does not comply with the laws would put itself in an illegal situation. Hence the importance of being well informed to install equipment that will allow you to comply with the rules. Here is what you need to know about rainwater management in an industrial setting.         

To comply with the texts discussed below, good rainwater management must involve the installation of retention bunds, while complying with the regulations that concern them.

The 1964 Clean Water Act

The Clean Water Act from 1964 involves the decentralized management of rainwater in several basins. This management fights against pollution by blocking polluted water. The filtered water can then be used where it is needed (for agriculture, industry or otherwise).

The Water Framework Directive or WFD (2000/60 / EC) and (2000)

The WFD is a directive establishing a regulated framework which aims to have a common and comprehensive policy related to a large part of the water circulating underground. Pollution of these waters would indeed be very harmful to groundwater.

The LEMA law (2006)

The LEMA law from 2006 indicates that it is necessary to put in place all means aimed at the recovery, retention, and filtering of rainwater polluted by industry, so that this water cannot enter the soil, before being decontaminated by the rainwater filter. AKHELEC can help you manage your polluted rainwater well, thanks to its rainwater filters. Do not hesitate to contact us.