Flexible containment bunds for movement of heavy equipment


Bac de rétention pour engins roulants

All kinds of wheeled vehicles: truck, forklift, tractor unit...

  • Recovery of oil leakage when parking or maintenance of equipments

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  • PVC fabric coated on fabric woven for better mechanical strength.
  • Special coating resistant to attack from petroleum products and to most chemicals.
  • High frequency tarpaulin welding.
  • Tarpaulin stretched over easily disassembled metal trestles.


  • FILTRELEC ECODESIGN® hydrocarbons filter cartridge. Indispensable to filter drainage water
  • Rolling lanes: placed at the bottom of the bund, they help extend its life when there are frequent passages of vehicles
  • Floor mats: to protect the bund from asperities

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