Bund monitoring and alarm system


Systeme d’alerte pour fuite d’huile DATABAC

Checks remotely the oil contained in the bund placed underneath the transformer.

  • Sends alarms when the bund is filled up to a pre-set level (for example, when the filter is saturated).
  • Allows the connections of several sensors.
  • Works perfectly without interfering with the transformer thanks to the GPRS technology.

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  • Rapid installation, fits every kind of bund
  • Competitive price
  • Stock available
  • On site installation by our team upon request
  • European manufacturing


  • Personalised to client requirement, the communication device sends regularly information to a dedicated server for monitoring purpose.
  • Once the high level is reached, the DATABAC® sends an email to the user, who can then connect to the server and check the bund status and act accordingly (intervention on site, check transformer, …).
  • The standard Databac® is delivered with 2 sensors: high level sensor and temperature sensor. Others types of sensors are available, please consult us.

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