Water oil filter with replaceable cartridge


Filtres hydrocarbures FILTRELEC ECODESIGN

Water oil filter with replaceable cartridge for steel containment bunds under electrical transformers.

Flowrate: 5 liters/min

  • 50% less waste compared to a conventional filter.
  • Made in France.
  • Extended service life, reduced maintenance.

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At the cutting edge of innovation, our teams have developed an on-site, eco-designed, rechargeable filtration system, with materials that withstand UV and extreme temperatures. The FILTRELEC® F5 system allows to replace the filter cartridge only and not the entire filter, when it is saturated. It thus reduces the mass of waste produced.

50% less waste

Until now, the filters for retention bunds under electric transformer were disposable: once saturated with oil, the filter had to be replaced by a new filter. The FILTRELEC® F5 system is rechargeable: only the filter cartridge has to be changed. At a time when environmental issues are more relevant than ever, the FILTRELEC® F5 system is entirely eco-designed: it incorporates environmental aspects from its conception, with the aim of reducing environmental impacts throughout its life cycle.
It reduces by 50% the mass of waste produced, compared to a conventional filter. Treatment of used filters with a return kit.

An effective way to preserve the environment

This filter is intended for users of high voltage electrical transformers. Indeed, power transformers contain a large amount of oil, usually mineral and therefore not biodegradable. In the event of an oil leak, the rainwater running down the walls is loaded with hydrocarbons and can pollute the environment, especially the water table. To limit this risk, the substations have oil recovery devices, including bunds or retention pits equipped with anti-oil water filters.

3 functions to improve your retention bunds

The FILTRELEC® system provides 3 functions, which complete the retention equipment on which it is fixed: the continuous evacuation of rainwater, the final capture of hydrocarbons and the instantaneous filling in the event of a sudden leak of hydrocarbons. At the outlet of the filter, the purified water contains less than 5 mg of hydrocarbons per liter: FILTRELEC® definitely traps harmful hydrocarbons, avoiding pollution of water and soil.

Saving time and money

Saving time, since the replacement of the cartridge is done in a few minutes, directly on site, with simple gestures. Saving money, since only one part of the filtration system is changed. Designed and manufactured in France, with materials resistant to UV and extreme temperatures, FILTRELEC® F5 is also more robust than conventional filters, with a longer life.

Designed and manufactured in France

  • Self-locking system, works in gravity without mechanical part or electrical connection. 
  • Oleophilic and hydrophobic reagent which definitively traps the hydrocarbons: during a large spill of oil, the component reacts and forms a plug, preventing any fluid from pouring into the environment. 
  • Stable reagent between -40°C and +50°C: unlimited filter life, as long as the filter is not saturated with oil.
  • Validated by Bureau Veritas, SGS, TÜV. 


  • AKHELEC sizes the type, number and location of FILTRELEC® F5 filters according to the retention volume and the rainfall observed in the installation area.
  • The engineering of the most complex systems is carried out by our design office to offer you a complete solution: concrete pit, fire protection system, rainwater drainage and filtration of drainage water.
  • Extended lifetime: the filters do not need to be changed except in case of saturation of hydrocarbons.
  • Waste treatment: as an option, the PC-BACK KIT allows the collection and reprocessing of saturated filters for disposal in a waste collection center.


In compliance with the Clean Water Act, FILTRELEC® filters trap permanently harmful hydrocarbons , preventing pollution of water as well as of soil.

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