Automatic fire-extinguishing accelerator


Capsule antifeu FLAMELEC

Automatic fire-extinguishing accelerator

  • Unique product consisting of an aqueous solution contained in a cylindrical glass capsule.
  • 100% environmentally safe product.
  • In the event of a Class A or B fire, the heat generated produces a chemical reaction causing the capsule to burst open and release the vaporised solution.

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  • Combines the benefits of existing water- or foam-based products, without the associated environmental impact (corrosion, etc.) and maintenance requirements (gas replacement, etc.).
  • Aqueous solution containing a surfactant that acts immediately to extinguish a fire within seconds and prevent it from reigniting.
  • Acts by chemical reaction to produce a significant cooling and fire-smothering effect (negative catalysis).
  • Environmentally friendly product posing no risk to human health or the environment. Certified in accordance with European Directive 67/548/EC.
  • Depending on format, FLAMELEC® acts on fires in enclosed or semi-enclosed spaces up to 16 m3; installed in strategic locations throughout the site, it provides optimal fire protection and fire spread prevention.
  • Product storable at ambient temperatures from -25°C to +65°C, maintenance-free and guaranteed effective for 5 years when installed or stored as per AKHELEC recommendations.

Available in two versions:

  • FLAMAUTO: Capsule mounted directly onto equipment as per detailed technical specifications. Automatically bursts open when exposed to temperatures above 84°C.
  • FLAMAR1: Aqueous solution stored in a 25-litre tank, to be diluted in water tanks for fire sprinkler applications.


FLAMAUTO capsules are installed by specialised AKHELEC teams after prior assessment of your specific fire protection and containment requirements.
When intended for use in transformer pits or containment bunds, the product can be supplied with a conventional support member (standard product), an offset support member (optional) or a vibration damper (optional).

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