Fire and explosion retardant walls


Murs anti feu et anti explosion WALLCAIN

For electrical transformers according to standard NF C 13-200, oil rigs, nuclear facilities, etc.

Our solutions are highly resistant:

  • To fire: sealing up to 6 hours and insulation up to 4 hours (EI240 to E240, E360, H-120)
  • To thermal shock (fire torch)
  • To heavy load (ground mounted)
  • To impact
  • To explosion (up to 0.1 bar)
  • To moisture
  • To noise (33 dB sound reduction minimum)

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Specific technical products made up of PROMAT DURASTEEL® plates, calcium silicate plates, honeycomb concrete and if needed with a metal frame and heat insulation.

WALLCAIN walls, partitions and cladding

  • Ideal to avoid a chain of explosions from dangerous transformers and electrical installations
  • Recommended for preventing the spread
  • of fire, heat and smoke.
  • Allows the separation of outdoor and indoor equipment, the plating of existing structures, etc.
  • Small dimensions: thickness from 89.5mm.
  • Full service: study, design, commissioning and installation.
  • Also available: raceway protection and wall cable passage. Contact us!


  • WALLCAIN products are easy to install, dismantle and move:
  • Installation on columns, concrete foundation or steel structure
  • Plating existing walls for indoor premises
  • Fully customized solutions after detailed study and prior estimate
  • On site surveys, installation and civil engineering work: consult us!

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