Filtration of water polluted with hydrocarbons and filtration of oily rainwater: what ecological and mobile solutions?

To preserve the environment simply and efficiently it is mandatory to treat the oily rainwater polluted with hydrocarbons before the discharge into the environment. Thanks to mobile and easy-to-use solutions, GMT International & AKHELEC offer the best alternatives to conventional operations of pumping, transporting and destroying waste. In this article, you will discover what the Clean Water Act says, our solutions for filtering rainwater polluted with hydrocarbons and the qualities of our F50 rainwater filter.

Overview on the legislation: what does the Clean Water Act say on water filtration?

The 1964 Clean Water Act 

Be careful, there is not one, but several laws on water! The first, established in 1964, aims to fight against water pollution. Its role is twofold. It aims to ensure the supply of drinking water to the population, but also to provide industry and agriculture with the water they need. The 1992 law adds that “water is part of the nation’s common heritage”. Its objectives are therefore:

  • Preserve aquatic ecosystems
  • Develop water resources
  • Protect the food
  • Promote water as an economic resource

The LEMA law 

Finally, the water law and aquatic environments (LEMA) completed it in 2006. It : 

 “prohibits discharge into surface water, groundwater and seawater, by direct or indirect discharge or after runoff on the soil or infiltration, of lubricants or oils, new or used, belonging to the following categories: oils for engines and compressors and engine base oil, oils used as raw material for the manufacture of lubricating additives, for the preparation of lubricant additives. »  

Filtration of water polluted with hydrocarbons and filtration of water polluted with dielectric oils? Our solutions:

The FILTRELEC® range was developed by GMT International, in partnership with TOTAL and the Institut Français du Pétrole Energies Nouvelles. The entire range is made in France.

FILTRELEC® solutions : 

Filtration solutions for fixed installations offering a wide range of filtered water flow rates and operating by gravity:    

  • F5® : “ refillable ” filtration cartridge ; flow rate of 5 litres / minute and possibility of mounting several cartridges in parallel       
  • F15 : filtration cartridge offering a flow rate of 15 litres / minute and possibility of mounting several cartridges in parallel    
  • HYDROBLOC® (patent shared with ENEDIS): underground prefabricated concrete device containing from 1 to 5 F15     
  • F1500 : high flow filter allowing to treat 1500 litres / minute     

Portable device for recovering leaks identified on equipment installed outdoors HOLYBAG® (shared patent GMT / RTE)     

New F50® mobile on-site depollution device     

All our products have been tested and certified (strict compliance with the Clean Water Act) by external organizations. All of our products comply with REACH and RoHS regulations and directives. 

F50: a mobile solution for filtering water polluted with hydrocarbons

A multifunctional solution 

An alternative to traditional pumping, transport and reprocessing solutions in an approved oily water centre, the F50 provides the following advantages:  

  • Reduction of pollution control costs  
  • Reduction of the carbon footprint of the depollution process  
  • Autonomy in the treatment of oily water   
  • Operator-oriented product: easy to handle by one person, ergonomic, easy to use and set up without tools   

A product that complies with the legislation

This solution was created in order to comply with the laws in force regarding the filtration of water polluted with hydrocarbons. It allows you to respect the environment, fauna, flora and surrounding soils. 

This filtration unit can operate completely autonomously in combination with our “BUNDGUARD” system (control of the feed pump regulator according to the level and the presence of oil).  

Durable, reliable and easy to maintain

By using an absorbent media insensitive to ambient temperature (-40 ° C / + 50 ° C) the service life of the filtration unit is greatly increased. The absorbent media should only be replaced when it is saturated with hydrocarbons.

When saturated with hydrocarbons, the absorbent media forms a tight plug and all of the fluid (water / oil) entering is then drawn up to the pit polluted by reflux. This avoids any risk of accidental pollution.

At saturation, the replacement of the pre-filtration and filtration baskets is carried out quickly and without tools.

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