Steel containment bunds with fire extinguishing system


Bac de rétention à extinction pour transformateur électrique

Steel containment bunds with fire extinguishing system for electrical transformers:

  • From 100 kVA to 20 MVA, neutral point coils, capacitors, compensation impedances...
  • Provides an alternative to concrete pits when the ground is unsuitable or when operational deadlines are tight.
  • Indoor and outdoor compliance ensured by adding a safety siphon and a FILTRELEC ECODESIGN® filtration system.

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  • Bunds equipped with an MX® fire extinguishing system that allows the dielectric fluid to flow rapidly into the bund and ensures natural flame extinction
  • The bottom of the bund is fitted with fixed welded legs
  • Hot-dip galvanised steel or stainless steel plate to ensure greater durability
  • Copper or stainless steel grounding lug
  • Full dielectric fluid containment capacity (as per NF C 13 200 standards)
  • Sealing system tested and approved by APAVE
  • Bunds tested using the ARDROX 996 P2 dye penetrant test method.
  • MX® fire extinguishing system composed of factory-assembled galvanised steel baffle plates


  • Drain valve
  • Galvanised grid fitted on the fire dampers
  • Insulated teflon plates to be placed placed underneath the transformer’s rollers
  • FILTRELEC ECODESIGN® filter cartridges
  • NoVib vibration damping system


  • The BAF bunds can be quickly installed and the transformer may then be placed immediately
  • Must be mounted on a concrete base slab capable of supporting the weight of the transformers

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