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Silent blocks antibruit NOVIB 90

Vibration damping system for powered devices

  • Operating electric transformers may cause vibrations that are conducted through the metal retention bunds and cause noise pollution of the immediate environment
  • These vibrations can increase the level of noise pollution, causing discomfort to those living nearby
  • Our noise-damping kits are designed to alleviate this problem

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  • For high demands on mitigation of vibration, NoVib90 silentblocks have been designed to absorb at least 90% of the vibrations generated by electrical transformers.
  • This suspension devise is equipped with a locking system from rolling. It has a natural frequency from 10 to 15Hz.
  • In a 4 tons transformer example, i.e. 1 ton by NoVib90, we reach 97% absorption for harmonic at 100 Hz and 93% for the second harmonic of 50 Hz.
  • In addition, it has good resistance to oil and electrical conductivity.

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