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Noise-damping panels


Plaques antibruit NOVIB 70

Vibration damping system for powered devices

  • Operating electric transformers may cause vibrations that are conducted through the metal retention bunds and cause noise pollution of the immediate environment
  • These vibrations can increase the level of noise pollution, causing discomfort to those living nearby
  • Our noise-damping kits are designed to alleviate this problem

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  • Available in varying degrees of hardness with their own natural frequencies and absorption capacity
  • 2 particular degrees of hardness are specifically suited to insulate the containment bund from the ground and to insulate the rollers of transformers placed on support beams or in the bottom of our bunds
  • They are made of nitrile rubber and are resistant to almost all types of oil used in the transformer industry
  • They are compatible with BR and BAF bunds

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