Containment bunds for powered devices

Steel containment bunds for electrical transformer and other powered devices.

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  • For 100 to 3,150 kVA transformers as standard, inductance coils, capacitors etc... Total containment of the dielectric fluid. Directly installed on the ground and removable walls for easy installation under the transformer. Complete range revised for compatibility with the european regulation about « Ecodesign ».

  • Fast installation steel containment bunds : for 100 to 1000 kVA transformers, inductance coils, capacitors etc... Removable walls on all four sides Nitrile slip seal, in addition to the silicon seals on the lower corners. Quick and easy installation Delivered in batches of 50.

  • Steel containment bunds: fully welded. These bunds are available in several shapes, depending on the configuration of the transformer to be equipped Hot dip galvanised for outdoor installation with FILTRELEC ECODESIGN® option Adjustable support beams inside the  bund  to lift the transformer and to avoid soaking 

  •  Steel containment bunds: removable walls, different shapes available Designed in 3, 5 or 8 parts The bund bottom is independent of the sides: the tray can be installed under any transformer in place, by just lifting it by a few centimetres. Detachable facades on the length and the width, bolted on high resistance silicone seal using welded pins.

  • Steel containment bunds, entirely made to measure, after detailed study. Shapes, specific colours, anti-corrosion treatment, etc.: consult us.

Results 1 - 5 in 5.